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Executive Order 14036 encourages competition compliance for shipping companies

President Joe Biden has issued Executive Order 14036 “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” (“the EO”) which was signed on 9 July 2021. The EO has the goal to promote competition within the U.S. economy to lower prices for families, increase wages for workers, promote innovation and foster economic growth. The EO puts forward 72 … Continue Reading

President Obama Enacts New Iran Sanctions

On 2 January 2013, President Obama signed into law an act that imposes new sanctions on Iran. The new sanctions target certain entities and transactions, but largely focus on the energy, shipping and shipbuilding sectors of the Iranian economy. For further details, please see the recent post on Reed Smith’s Global Regulatory Enforcement Law Blog … Continue Reading

US President signs Executive Order Authorizing Additional Sanctions With Respect to Iran

On 31 July 2012, President Obama signed an Executive Order Authorizing Additional Sanctions With Respect to Iran. This Order: (a) authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to impose financial sanctions on foreign financial institutions found to have knowingly conducted or facilitated certain significant financial transactions with the National Iranian Oil Company (“NIOC”) or Naftiran Intertrade … Continue Reading

No UN Resolution on Syria… but for how long?

The prospect of the UN Security Council taking action against Syria looks to have taken a fatal blow with both Russia and China vetoing an already highly watered-down resolution. The European states’ third attempt at compromise wording, which referred not to potential sanctions but to “targeted measures”, did nothing to sway the two powers. Whatever … Continue Reading