London Arbitration 3/13

The vessel was chartered on the NYPE 1996 form, which incorporated the Inter Club Agreement (ICA). Following discharge of a cargo of bagged wheat flour, cargo interests alleged that the cargo was damaged and in part shortlanded, and claimed against Charterers for US$187,000.60. US$134,222.54, i.e. 72%, of the claim related to short

London Arbitration 1/13

The vessel was chartered on the NYPE form for nine months. Six months into the charter period, Charterers suggested that the vessel be redelivered on completion of its current voyage as they were having difficulty in fixing cargoes. The parties agreed an addendum stating that the vessel would be redelivered early “after

In Minerva Navigation Inc v Oceana Shipping AG (The “Athena”), the Commercial Court considered the nature of the loss of time which Charterers were required to prove in order to bring the vessel within the off-hire provisions of an amended NYPE 46 charterparty.

Clause 15 of the charterparty provided as follows (with amendments from