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Tribunal rules on speed and performance claims under two consecutive time charterparties

London Arbitration 18/14 The vessel in question was the subject of two charters on the NYPE 46 form, for one time charter trip under each, with the second charter being in direct continuation of the first. Performance claims Clause 128(1) of each charter provided: “Owners not to be responsible if the vessel under the currency … Continue Reading

Tribunal rules on breach of consumption warranty in NYPE trip time charter

London Arbitration 1/14 The subject vessel, a new build which had just entered service, was chartered on an amended NYPE form for one time charter trip. Clause 29 of the charter, dealing with speed and consumption, provided as follows: “Speed ballast/laden about 15/14 knots on about 39.5 metric tons IFO 380 … Eco-speed ballast/laden about … Continue Reading