The Russian Federation and the United States continue to clash over the proposed annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, with the United States adding 20 Russian officials and related persons to its list of sanctioned persons. Some of the persons recently added to the United States’ SDN List were recently sanctioned by the EU, as we have noted earlier this week. Others appear to be novel additions under either the EU or United States’ sanctions lists, and include Russian officials, lawmakers, and persons within Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. For its part, the EU added 12 persons to its list of those subject to the initial travel ban and asset freeze. These new additions have caused a flurry of activity in the international business community as people scramble to guard their investments.

For further information, please see the recent post on Reed Smith’s Global Regulatory Enforcement Blog by Leigh Hansson, David Myers, Sian Fellows, Carlos Valdivia, Alexandra Allan, Sarah Rogers and Alexandra Gordon.