The Council of the European Union has published Council Decision 2012/206/CFSP, which came into force on 24 April 2012 and which imposes further restrictive measures against Syria. Specifically, it imposes a prohibition on the sale, supply, transfer and export of technology, equipment and goods which might be used for internal repression. The provision of technical assistance, brokering services, financing and financial assistance in respect of such items is also prohibited. In addition, the sale, supply, transfer and export of luxury goods is prohibited.

The Council Decision is only effective as against the governments of Member States. Its provisions are not effective as against companies and individuals who are subject to EU law. In order for the provisions to be so effective, an implementing Regulation must be published. This Regulation will also provide further details as to exactly what goods will fall within the prohibitions set out above.

The full text of the Council Decision is available on the Europa website.