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Court considers charterparty construction in respect of freight payable on overage

Posted in Case Law, Voyage Charters

The appeal in BP Oil International Ltd v Target Shipping Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 196 concerned the amount of overage freight payable by Charterers to Owners. The vessel was chartered on an amended BYVOY4 form, for a cargo of minimum 80,000mt fuel oil. The charterparty stated that freight was payable at Worldscale 135 rate if… Continue Reading

Court considers whether Owners were reasonable in withholding their approval of Charterers’ proposed discharge vessels

Posted in Case Law, Voyage Charters

In Falkonera Shipping Co v Arcadia Energy Pte Ltd (The “Falkonera”), the Court considered issues arising from the Claimant Owners’ withholding of approval to discharge from the chartered VLCC to two other VLCCs by STS transfer. Charter Terms Owners chartered the “FALKONERA”, a VLCC, to the Defendant Charterers on an amended BPVOY4 form. Clause 8.1… Continue Reading